Set up web browser for using list of proxy servers.

First step.

You need a list with proxy server IPs as follow called Proxylist.

If you have no proxylist, you can copy such a list from Proxylist page.

Mark and copy the proxies on that page.

Save these IP numbers as *.txt document.

To do so, click right mouse button and choose "New" -> "Text Document".

Put IP adresses from the page into this Document and save it on your Hard Disc.

Rename this Text Documnet to Proxylist.txt easy recognition.

Second step.

You need a Software that will rotate proxies from proxylist.

For these purposes we will use Multiproxy.

Multiproxy is a small simple Freeware solution.

This is vintage Program which is still good working with any Windows OS version.

Download and install Multiproxy.

Start it and click on button "Options".

Choose the card "Proxy servers list".

Click on button "Menu".

Choose "Files"

Click "Import proxy list".

Navigate to your "Proxylist.txt" file saved in previous steps.

You need to check all these servers for Availability. This can take some Time.

To check imported servers.

Click "Menu" button.

Choose "Proxy list".

Click on "Test all proxies".

After the Check is done you need to remove all "dead" proxy servers from the list.

To do so, click on "Menu" button.

Choose "Proxy list".

Choose "Delete non-responding".

Third step.

You need to configure your browser for using proxy list rotated by Multiproxy.

To do so, you need to set up your browser for surfing via proxy server.

Instead of proxy server IP address you need to type IP number "" into the Proxy form and Port number "8088" into the Port form.

If you do not know how to Configure your internet browser for surfing with proxy, please read this instruction.

Now you can start your web browser and perform an IP check.

To display your actual IP number, please request view my ip page in your browser.


You can use Multiproxy with any another software that works with proxy server. This can be a Messenger, Download manager, FTP client e.t.c.

It is strongly advised not to use valuable accounts like PayPal, Facebook, Google e.t.c while surfing via free proxy server.

Do never submit your Credit Card data or anything of value via proxy server connection.

A lot of for-free proxy servers on the Internet are working for catching valuable information from users.

If you take it seriously, you can rent your own proxy server which can be used only by you and do support SSL encrypted connections.

On HideMyAss you can rent a cheap proxy server for 5$ dollars Monthly without a catch.